Heads & Tails – Our Gin Distillation Process

Our Process

Here are Taplin & Mageean, we make ultra-premium craft gins. We have an almost obsessive focus on quality, as we feel that if you are going to pay for a premium gin, you should be treated to something special.

If you are a member of the Craft Gin Club, other gin clubs, or if you are just a gin lover who is lucky enough to have access to an eclectic mix of gins, you will by now probably be able to tell the difference between the good, the bad and the damn right ugly!

Of course, drinking gin is all a matter of taste. The best made gin may taste great to one person, and awful to the next. Some may be happy with a cheaper flavoured gin, others will avoid them like the plague as they find the tastes too synthetic. It is horses for courses.

But there is one common denominator top all good craft gins, and that is all about heads and tails.

The gin distillation process can be divided into 3 parts — the heads, the heart, and the tails.

The heads can contain unpleasant chemical compounds like acetone and methanol. The tails are low in alcohol and contain nasty sulphates and fatty acids that give a stewed taste. In the middle, the heart is the highest-quality part of the distillation.

Run of the mill gins cut into or redistill the heads and the tails to maximise the volume produced and hence their return. Ultra-premium gins such as those produced by Taplin & Mageean focus in on slim central heart cut to ensure premium quality and smoothness.

This is why we can maintain that Taplin & Mageean gin is truly “gin” from the heart.